Why Do Dogs Poop so Much?

Why do dogs poop so much? It's one of those things that don't seem to add up. You imagine the food your dog eats on a daily basis, and then you compare it to the amount of poop he produces. The amount of poop seems to far surpass the amount of food he eats, what gives?

Let's face it, dogs seem to be pooping machines at times and they often leave us scratching our heads in disbelief. Believe it or not though, there are several reasons as to why your dog may be pooping so much, and a popular issue may be your dog's diet.

dog zoomies after eating

A Matter of Diet

Back in time, when I worked for a pet store, my manager took me on a tour to see all the products that were being sold. He then took me into the "premium" dog food aisle where the price tags on the bags of food seemed to incrementally jump up every step we took.

He told me: "When people ask why these bags of food are so expensive compared to others, tell them that they are packed of nutrients and have no fillers such as corn, wheat or rice.

Because of this, dog owners should expect, healthier dogs, glossy coats and reduced stool volume." I knew for a fact that dogs fed certain diets seemed to poop a whole lot more and there was a good reason for this.

Lisa Weeth, a board-certified veterinarian specializing in nutrition has a good explanation for this.

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" Lower cost pet foods tend to have higher proportions of corn and wheat since these grains are also less expensive than animal protein. Too much fiber can increase the volume of stool, making your Yorkie poop like a Labrador." ~Lisa P. Weeth

Puppy Poop Machines

puppy poop a lot

Is your dog a puppy and you're wondering why he's pooping more frequently compared to your adult dog? In general, young puppies tend to poop a whole lot more than adult dogs.

Just think that an adult dog generally poops a couple of times a day, while a young puppy may poop even up to eight times a day. There are several reasons though as to why puppies tend to poop more. One of them is the simple fact of growing.

Growing takes a whole lot of energy and puppies have fast metabolisms.

On top of that, don't forget that puppies also have very small stomachs, which means that compared to an adult dog, they will need to be fed in smaller amounts, but more frequently. If you're not too sure about how much to feed your puppy, ask your vet or veterinary nutritionist. It's very important to avoid over feeding, especially in large breed puppies who are prone to rapid growth.

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Warning! "For large-breed puppies, over nutrition or rapid growth—with weight more than height—along with excess calcium and genetics are the primary risk factors for developmental orthopedic diseases.” ~ Dr. Dana Hutchinson, veterinary nutritionist.

Senior dogs may bark and pace at night.

A Medical Condition

If your dog is pooping more than he usually does, you are right to be concerned. Listen to your dog's body, there may be something medical going on.

A common cause of an increase in pooping frequency and stool volume in dogs is dog colitis, the inflammation of the dog's colon. When this happens, the dog may poop more frequently and the poop may start off firm and then turn into a "soft serve" consistency. Some dogs may also have mucus and blood in the stool. There are many cases of dog colitis ranging from dietary indiscretion, presence of parasites or protozoans or abrupt diet changes.

Some dogs who poop a whole lot when walking or boarding may also be doing so because of stress. Of course, increased pooping may be caused from a vast array of other problems ranging from exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, to kidney or liver problems, to deadly parvo in puppies. If your dog is pooping a lot more than usual, play is safe and see your vet.

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