Why did my dog's poop turn white? …

Adrienne Farricelli

Why did my dog's poop turn white?

It may happen sometimes that you notice that your dog's poop has turned white, why is that? Is this something to be alarmed about? Well, it really ultimately depends on what is causing the dog to poop white in the first place.

First of all, consider diet. If your dog is eating a diet with lots of bones, then that can be the culprit. The white chalky poop is attributed to the diet that is quite high in calcium. Stools that look white in dogs are indeed often seen in dogs fed a raw diet.

Another possibility is that your dog ate something white. There are some dog treats and dog cookies that are pure white in color and sometimes these can cause the stools to look more white than normal when ingested in large quantities. Of course, if the white stools are due to eating a certain food, once that food is no longer provided, the stools should resume to their normal color.

Medical conditions can sometimes also cause a dog to poop white. Acholia is the medical term to depict a lack or absence of bile secretion. Bile is what gives a dog's poop it's brown color. This can happen when dogs suffer from an obstruction of the flow of bile out of the liver.

Another possibility is a problem with digestion and absorption of food such as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

As seen, there are various causes of white poop in dogs. If your dog's poop turned white, your best bet is to see your vet to play it safe, especially if your dog is acting ill and the white coloring persists without a reasonable explanation.