Adrienne F.

Dog Question of the Day: Are dog dental chews a good replacement for brushing my dog's teeth?

My answer: Sorry, to say, but, no, that's sort of stating that a person can stop brushing teeth by just eating crackers!

Here's a brief explanation... Every day, just as it happens in humans, plaque forms on our dog’s teeth. Fortunately, plaque can be removed by brushing teeth, however, there will always be areas the toothbrush cannot reach such as under the gums.

When the plaque is left in these areas, it mineralizes and turns into tartar which requires special tools from your vet to remove so to prevent periodontal disease and its progression.

Just as I brush my teeth every day, I brush my dog’s teeth every day, because just like us, plaque forms repeatedly and the longer in between brushing, the more it accumulates and potentially turns into tartar. Here’s a guide on How to Train Your Dog to Brush His Teeth: