Can Humans Catch Coronavirus From Their Dogs?

Adrienne Farricelli

Whether humans catch coronavirus from dogs is something dog owners may be concerned about during these difficult times.

Whether humans catch coronavirus from dogs is something many dog owners are wondering about. Are dog owners at risk? Does exposure to dogs heighten your chances of catching this frightening viral disease? Before determining whether humans can get coronavirus, it helps first gaining a better understanding on whether dogs get coronavirus in the first place, and if yes, whether it can infect humans.

Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?

Yes, dogs can get coronavirus, indeed, many dogs are vaccinated against this disease. However, the strain of coronavirus that is globally creating great concern is COVID-19 which is different.

Although there was a case of a dog testing weakly positive to the virus in China, there is no evidence suggesting that dogs can come down with this disease nor that they can transmit it to humans, explains veterinarian Dr. Eric in an article for Dogs Health Problems. In the China case actually, it appears that the dog was exposed to the virus from the owner, but never developed the disease.

While there is no evidence of dogs contracting the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus, dogs remain susceptible to other strains of coronavirus. In particular, dogs are known for contracting two different forms of coronavirus, one known to affect the dog's gastrointestinal system, the other the respiratory one.

Can Humans Catch Coronavirus From Their Dogs?

So far there is no evidence suggesting that humans may catch coronavirus from dogs or the other away around. At this time, the virus has shown a preference of spreading among people and the chances of it crossing boundaries and affecting dogs or cats at the moment seems low.


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