The Best Dog Odor Eliminators for Carpets

Adrienne Farricelli

The best dog odor eliminators for carpets are those that tackle the underlying causes of dog odors in the first place.

Many dog owners search for the best dog odor eliminators for carpets, but not all products are created equally. In order to find the best products, it's important to first understand what causes odors to linger and permeate surfaces such as carpets in the first place. Once you understand the science behind dog odors, your next step is to look for the correct products to use so that you can treat the root cause of such smells and eliminate them effectively.

The Science Behind Odors

As mentioned, to fully understand what products work best to eliminate dog odors , it's important to have some basic knowledge on the science of odor. So let's take a brief look at what causes dog odors and how such dog odors can be effectively eliminated.

First off, we must consider that odors are composed by various components which makes them particularly tricky to remove. So let's start by taking a closer look at these components and why these components give off an odor.

Firstly, we have the natural, biological odor of certain substances such as dog pee, dog poop, dog anal gland secretions and dog vomit. These substances simply smell because of their inherent composition.

Secondly, we have odors produced by odor-producing bacteria which feed on the above natural, biological substances.

Thirdly, we have to deal with special odor molecules which reach our noses. These odor molecules are produced by the odor-producing bacteria described above when they feed on biological substances.

How to Remove Dog Odor From Carpets

Carpets are particularly predisposed to dispersing odors because they are absorbent and retain odors. In order to eliminate dog odors from carpets it's therefore important to find products which address all of the above mentioned sources of odors.

If such products fail to address all of the above sources of odors, the odors will only be masked and will linger for extended periods of time.

The best dog odor eliminators for carpets therefore must meet these three criteria: 1) they must contain probiotics that attack, digest and destroy all of the biological components of substances known to have a natural unpleasant smell (urine, feces, vomit), 2) they must deprive, and therefore starve, odor-causing bacteria from their food sources so that no odors can be produced by them, 3) they must capture and destroy all odor molecules so that they fail to reach our nose.

Best Dog Odor Eliminators for Carpets

The best dog odor eliminators for carpets are therefore products that contain probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that most people associate with gut health and that are found in products such as yogurt and kefir.

These living organisms are not to be confused with enzymes which are what probiotics produce. Basically, enzymes are the byproducts of probiotics, and as such, they are not alive and therefore are unable to reproduce.

Probiotic-based dog odor eliminators are therefore superior to enzyme cleaners for the simply fact that these latter only focus on breaking down odor causing bacteria once, while probiotic-based cleaners provide continuous cleaning for many days ( 3-5 days ).

This means that, when you use a probiotic-based cleaner, the beneficial bacteria get to reproduce fast and work on producing enzymes that prevent odor causing bacteria from growing on the carpet for several days. Here are some dog odor eliminators for carpets that use probiotics:

  • SCOE 10X
  • Rapid Rescue Pet Odour Eliminator & Urine Smell Remover
  • EcoPet Natural Cleaner