Adrienne F.

It's Study Sunday! Did you know? According to a study published in the journal Animal Cognition, 16 Labrador retrievers between the ages of one and eight were provided with different types of toys of  different colors, and with different smells.

All dogs in the studies showed interest in the toys, but the interest was rather short-lived. The results suggest that dogs are prone to exploring new objects in their environments, but they quickly get accustomed to their sight, smell and feel, which leads to boredom and little further interest.

What do the results of these studies mean for dog owners? They suggest that dog toys need to have some elements to keep that interest "alive."

One of the best ways to bring a toy "alive" is by using it to play fetch or perhaps attaching it to a flirt pole.  Balls that bounce around attract because of their unpredictability, Frisbee and tug toys encourage dog and human interaction. Dogs love interaction with their humans and becoming part of the game allows owners to spend quality time with their dogs which also helps with bonding!