Did you know? Scientists at the University of Washington are trying to see if there’s something that…

Adrienne Farricelli

Did you know? Scientists at the University of Washington are trying to see if there’s something that can be done to increase the lifespan of dogs. This interesting field of study is known as “geroscience” and it focuses on the biology of aging. The Dog Aging Project is working on finding ways to make dogs live longer. https://dogagingproject.org/

Partner with us to discover the keys to healthy lifespan!
Partner with us to discover the keys to healthy lifespan!

Partner with us to discover the keys to healthy lifespan! The Dog Aging Project brings together a community of people committed to giving dogs the happiest, longest lives possible. Our expert veterinarians and scientists will team up with 10,000 dogs and their owners to identify factors critical to improving healthy lifespan. If you and your best friend are interested in being part of the most ambitious canine health study in the world, start the process by clicking the button below. 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The goal of the Dog Aging Project is to understand how genes, lifestyle, and environment influence aging. We want to use that information to help pets and people increase healthspan, the period of life spent free from disease. With help from you, we’ll gather information on thousands of participating dogs. We want to know what factors are associated with better health and longer lives. A subset of participating dogs will be selected to be part of a new clinical study to explore the potential of the drug rapamycin to improve healthspan. We are building an unprecedented research platform that will enable us to follow the health and aging progression of each dog in our program. The Dog Aging Project is committed to advancing our understanding of aging and to accelerating medical breakthroughs for dogs and humans. We will integrate our findings about dogs with other incredible programs around the world to power research on health and aging in a way never before possible. Learn More Challenge of Aging Healthy aging means being able to stay active and free from major disease for the duration of life. But too often, getting older is characterized by debilitating decline. What if we could better understand the biological and environmental factors that influence aging? Studies like the Dog Aging Project will inform the next generation of medicine, keeping us healthier, longer. Science’s Best Friend Studying aging in humans is challenging and expensive. But dogs truly are science’s best friends. Even though they age more rapidly than humans, they get the same diseases of aging, they have a rich genetic make-up, and they share our environment. By studying aging in dogs, we can more quickly expand our knowledge of the aging process not just in dogs, but in humans too! Culture of Collaboration The Dog Aging Project has assembled an impressive team of researchers to expand our knowledge of the aging process. Our culture of collaboration fosters creative partnerships, including experts from diverse disciplines at top research institutions. By working together with dog owners, we have an unprecedented opportunity to find new and innovative health solutions. Citizen Scientists Meet the Canine Citizen Scientists who took part in our pilot study! 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The Dog Aging Project holds the promise of advancing not only our understanding of aging, but also behavior, disease, and much more. With your help, we can revolutionize dog health. Join us! Donate Through UW Donate Through A&M Our Supporters