Why Do Siberian Huskies Have Blue Eyes?

Adrienne Farricelli

Many Siberian huskies have blue eyes and this is one of their biggest perks. Learn why huskies have blue eyes.

Many Siberian huskies have blue eyes and this attracts many dog owners who are intrigued by these dogs' glacial looks. Not all Siberian huskies though have blues eyes, some specimens have brown eyes and some even happen to have one blue eye and one brown eye! Regardless, these dogs are all stunning regardless of eye colors. However, why do many Siberian huskies have blue eyes? Let's take a look at what a recent study has to say.

Why Do Siberians Huskies Have Blue Eyes?

DNA testing of more than 6,000 dogs has revealed that a Siberian Husky's blue eyes is strongly associated with duplication of canine chromosome 18, according to a study published recently on October 4, 2018, in the open-access journal PLOS Genetics by Adam Boyko and Aaron Sams of Embark Veterinary, Inc., and colleagues.

Interestingly, this genetic mutation, results in a lack of production of pigment in the eye, causing the eyes in this breed to appear blue. This is unlike other dog breeds known for having blue eyes as a result of an inherited recessive trait, as it happens in the border collie, English sheepdog and in the Welsh and Pembroke corgi.

“There’s no blue pigment. It’s about the way the light enters and exits the eye, creating the appearance of blue, the same way the sky looks blue but outer space is not blue,” explains Kristopher Irizarry of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences in an article for National Geographic.