Adrienne Farricelli

Did you know? The potcake dog is a cute mutt that can be found on several islands of the Caribbean. Interestingly, the name of this mixed-ancestry dog is coined after a meal composed by peas and rice which is traditionally consumed by the local residents.

These dogs are named after this meal because it often happened that these dogs were fed remnants of potcake that remained attached to the bottom of the pot. Specifically, in the Turks and Caicos Islands, potcake dogs are said to want to exclusively eat cooked food.

There is belief that this is because, potcake remnants are fed to these dogs from an early age when food preferences are formed.

These cute mutts are characterized by floppy ears, smooth coats and long faces; however, since they are a mixed-breed dog, their appearance may vary greatly with some specimens resembling pariah dogs, and others having traits of hounds, spaniels, terriers, retrievers and mastiffs.

These dogs are described as having a lovable and loyal temperament.