Adrienne Farricelli

Did you know? Sled dogs are built in such a way as to survive the bitter cold of the Arctic nights. Many people wonder how sled dogs are capable of sleeping in the snow without freezing.

Well, first of all, instincts kick in telling these dogs to conserve body warmth by sleeping curled up. A husky's nose-to-tail position has also a cute name, many like to call it the "Siberian twist. " The bushy tail placed on the face is another astute strategy to stay toasty warm.

Add to this the double-coated coat which comprises an insulating layer meant to trap warm air and a top coat purposely meant to repel moisture.

Because this top later is so thick and capable of insulation, snow won't melt and the dogs therefore won't get wet. Snow will therefore keep accumulating, with the end result of piling up over the dog forming some sort of igloo which helps trap even more warmth inside.