Adrienne Farricelli

Did you know? Sadly many border collies are given away to shelters every year. The main reasons? There are several, but here is a brief list:

  1. Border collies are often given up by farmers and shepherds because some specimens lack enough instinct and drive to herd sheep as desired.
  2. Sadly, a great percentage of border collies are given up because they have shown aggressive behaviors and/or have bitten, and sadly a child is often the victim. This is often because of inexperienced owners who don't understand the needs of these dogs and/or put them into situations that puts them up for failure, which brings to the top reason.
  3. The top reason border collies are given up is because of their high energy levels. Since most border collie owners today don't own a farm with sheep, they find it very challenging to find the time and commitment needed to drain the needs for energy and mental stimulation of these dogs.