Adrienne F.

It's Monday Marvels! Did you know? It is possible to train a dog new tricks! It was once thought that our brains had a lowered ability to create new neural pathways beyond the juvenile period, a time when it's particularly suited to neuroplastic adaptation, but new studies have shown that even the brain of the elderly is capable of being plastic.

"Neuroplasticity never ends, you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks, it just might take a little longer," claims Shelli R. Kesler a senior research scientist at Stanford University School of Medicine.

"Enrichment is an essential component of care for all pets, including small mammals, reptiles, dogs, cats, and horses, and can have a positive effect on their welfare and well-being" claims veterinary behaviorist Lisa Radosta with Florida Veterinary Behavior Service Jupiter, Florida. S

So go grab some fun puzzles and interactive toys and let your senior dog enjoy some enrichment-based activities!